DruMM Series 2

NI Kontakt Drum Modules

Series 2 has 6 modules and adds to the library of modules now available.
A perfect compliment to Series 1!

Each DruMM module is priced at $8 with each Series being priced at $40.

Each DruMM module is an instrument in its own right but the real power of DruMM is in layering modules. Watch the demo videos to see the DruMM layering in action and how to use DruMM as a single instrument.

PLEASE NOTE: If you only want the samples from the entire STN library then visit the Layered Samples page.

DruMM S2 - Filth Kit


DruMM S2 - Crumble Kit


DruMM S2 - Bounce Kit


DruMM S2 - Big n Tight Kit


DruMM S2 - Dirty Kit


DruMM S2 - Cone Blaster Kit


DruMM - Series 2