Stretch That Note libraries are available in both Raw Sample (WAV) and Kontakt format. Kontakt requires that you use Kontakt 3.5 or higher or the free Kontakt Player - please note use of the free player means all 3rd party libraries are time limited. The WAV samples contained within the modules are tied to the product and if you wanted to use them in another sampler then we can not guarantee that they would work. However, there are sample packs for all the products on the STN site, so you don't have to worry if you do not have Kontakt. Additionally, the samples and products fall within copyright (please see below). Please understand this before purchasing and ensure that you know what you are ordering. Due to the digital nature of the products, refunds cannot be given if you ordered in error.

Please note that we can not enter into technical support issues for Kontakt . Please do not email us with support questions for Kontakt, as we will be unable to help you. Of course, any enquiries regarding Stretch That Note products will be promptly attended to.

Stretch That Note does not store (or even have knowledge of) any credit card or other details involved in transactions. This is all handled securely via PayPal. Stretch That Note will not exploit your email address other than to notify you of new products, product updates, news, etc., by way of a newsletter (from which you can unsubscribe at any time).

We've identified an issue which has only affected a very small number of users, where members who are logged in to their accounts using, say, [email protected] add something to their cart, and checkout to payPal, but then use a different email address, i.e [email protected] to complete the payPal transaction. This will make the system throw an error due to the IPN (Instant Payment Notification) data being sent back attributed to the wrong email address, which then in turn, doesn't release the files for your account. If this has happened to you, then please email us - for speed, please include the date and (ideally) the PayPal transaction ID. We can then manually push this through the system.

It is assumed that when you place an order, you have read the product description thoroughly and have confirmed that it is suitable for and meets your needs and requirements and fulfills the purpose for which you are are purchasing it. Because of the digital nature of the products, refunds are not possible if you order in error.

You are buying a License to use Stretch That Note products for your own use.........If  you are collaborating with others they must buy their own copy. Please do not give them a copy.

You cannot use Stretch That Note samples in the creation of your own sample library without express permission from Stretch That Note. Licensing options are available if you wish to do so.

You cannot re-distribute or sell Stretch That Note products. Neither can you convert them to some other format to re-distribute/sell them. This includes any free content on the site.

Stretch That Note will follow up such contraventions to the full extent of the law to protect its copyright.

Please respect our copyright and the work that has gone into the creation and production of these sounds. Supporting Stretch That Note honestly ensures the future development of other products.

Thank you for supporting us.