STN EPIC finished skins

The new skins for EPIC:

EPIC is the new module that has all sounds in faux surround that can move each layer across 360 degress. Once layered, one module can move sounds from L to R in a 360 degree domain in a sinusoidal arc and the other module does the opposite. In other words, you can move drum/perc sounds in a circle around you the listener.

There is modulation for each movement and control over the whole 'tilt' of the surround. There are 4 additional machines that can warp sound in ways only talked about by the Sith. Each module can be behind the listener, in front, to the sides, or even modulated to move in an arc within any parameters and limits set by the user.

You can turn percussive sounds into metallic tones that alter tone and pitch over a BPM, you can change the grain of each sample and have that modulated by a bunch of Mods..... and so on. The sounds are also heavily phase cancelled, M/S etc and are layered with other tones.

These modules carry seriously layered tones with huge metal hits, resonant metallic perc, massive tones that are orchestral in nature but electronic in texture, rubber kicks that breakdown into smaller grains like vinyl 'dying' etc with electronic tones layered to give them huge variety, there are noises, glitches, drops and so on....Each machine turns the whole module into a crazy tonal module whereby any sound can be dikked with in real-time and in full faux surround. One machine in particular takes the whole keyboard spread of all percussive sounds and turns them into musically pitched tones that conform to scales. This means you can now 'play' the module as a tone machine!

Oh, and they can all be used with DruMM.

Moist huh?