Stretch That Note DruMM Series 3 has landed!!

Ah yes, it is but that time again.

DruMM Series 3 now released!!!!

Series 3 includes 6 new modules with samples being processed with M/S, phase cancellation and some ethnic comb filtering.

When layering the modules from different Series, please be aware that STN accept no liability for any emotional issues that may arise from the use of DruMM. There have been reports of users talking to themselves and using Sith language. This, however, has not been confirmed.

The DruMM Layering concept is explored even further with Series 3 offering more manic frequency warping, more scratches and vinyl samples, and some knee 'jellying' percussion.

Each module has, as a demo, both video tutorials that show how to use DruMM plus displaying the content of each module.

PLEASE watch the Drumm video which will briefly explain how Drumm functions.

For those of you that like to look at nice pictures whilst holding something, here are the modules:

DruMM in Layering Mode

PLEASE watch the Drumm S3 - Multi Mode Layering video

Each module has its own 'Preset Video' that displays a random selection of samples so that you get a clear idea of the module's content.

Add Series 1and Series 2 and have a massive combination of Layered Drums without all the usual frequency hassles and processing.

If you feel man enough, then add L.E.W.D - Low End Warp Device, the ultimate Low End Drum and Bass module to your beat production arsenal and rattle a nut or two!

Each module is priced at $8 and the whole series can be bought for $40!

I hope you enjoy these crazy ass products!

Warp and weep!