Stretch That Note release RAW - The only sample layering library on the planet!

PLEASE watch the RAW Samples Layering video to get an idea how to use the RAW Series Sample Packs.

As featured in Sound On Sound

The latest revolutionary and highly moist sample library from Samplecraze and Stretch That Note!

A sample library crafted only for DRUM LAYERING!!

Each pack consists of two folders: Primary and Secondary. Within each sub folder sit the samples which are broken down into Kicks, Snares and Claps.

Primary Sample Folders have 50 mono Kicks, 50 mono Snares and 50 mono Claps.
Secondary Sample Folders have 50 stereo widened and phase canceled: Kicks, Snares and Claps.

Primary samples are in mono as they sit above the Secondary samples which are used to enhance the Primary.

Secondary samples have undergone both phase cancelation and Middle and Side (M/S). Using these techniques the center channel information has been frequency consciously removed with the sides being created and filtered for extended width.
These processes have been covered in the latest Sound On Sound article I have written and also in the form of a video tutorial which is the follow up to the book The Art of Drum Layering entitled The Art of Drum Layering Advanced.

Your Drum Layering and Beat Production projects have just kicked up a step!!