Stretch That Note release Motion

PLEASE watch the Motion product demo

Motion is the ultimate 3D electronic cinematic percussion sample library created with the STN approach of phase cancelled samples with a minimum of 2 layers per sample.

Boasting a huge sample count of over 500 samples, Motion takes the user to a land far, far away where frequency smearing, summing and cancellation exist no more.

Stretch That Note release DruMM Elements 2 - Snares

Yep, it is indeed that time whereby folk dance around Maypoles n' ting.

STN are ...oh sod that!

Come and check out Elements 2 - Snares. The mutha of all layering modules with the patented, CIA and FBI approved, trade marked thingy thing.

It's all about snares and how to process them into weapons!

Cometh and check ye snares.

Available as NI Kontakt Module and as individual Sample Packs.


Stretch That Note release RAW - The only sample layering library on the planet!

PLEASE watch the RAW Samples Layering video to get an idea how to use the RAW Series Sample Packs.

As featured in Sound On Sound

The latest revolutionary and highly moist sample library from Samplecraze and Stretch That Note!

A sample library crafted only for DRUM LAYERING!!