Thanks for dropping by and checking my new product range.

Currently up to my eyes in sound design projects and video tutorials but am trying to find the time to complete Series 2 of DruMM.

DruMM has been received incredibly well by the artists and producers who have tested it. Some reviews are on their way and the techniques I have used will later be explained in a tutorial so that you can reap the benefits too and have some sonic mangling sessions of your own.

I have been toying with the idea of creating some specific chained effects with the new modules I have started to design. The idea will be to chain specific effects, like I have done with DruMM, to create unqiue flavours. I think Kontakt 5 might be the answer to this as the current effects are limited in Kontakt 4.

At some point DruMM might morph into a fully blown vsti but that would cost considerably more and take much longer to complete and this will impact your pocket. So, for now the DruMM series is exclusive to Kontakt.

I will be dropping daily blog types of snippets here in the event that someone is remotely interested in an ethnic soun d designer's daily life.

For now, I hope you can experience the STN journey with me and share in serious sound manipulation!